Art by Neil Russell

I draw the inspiration for my work from nature and its ever changing beauty. For instance, the Liquid series explores my fascination with the gaseous bodies in deep space, the movement and formation of storm clouds, and our oceans depths. I enjoy using a mixture of mediums to recreate and capture what we see in nature. In my puzzle series, lines, geometric shapes, textures and a manipulation of color are used to create harmony. I love when light touches the surface, colors come alive, another level of depth appears and you are drawn in. I want to evoke emotion and allow the beholder to use their imagination. If you stare at my work and notice something new each time, if you are reminded of something beautiful or even cool I have accomplished my goal.

Born in Barbados, Neil Russell studied and worked in both New York and Iowa before arriving in Southern California. Like many artists he enjoyed a variety of vocations over the years before discovering his singular artistic passion, including working as a hip-hop dancer, a salesman, and a barber. This variety of life experience, coupled with the discipline and grace of a martial artist (Russell is a black belt in multiple disciplines), are reflected in his abstract multimedia creations. Utilizing oils, acrylics, fabric, and resin, often in combination on the same piece, Russell creates works that are reminiscent of the recurring fractal patterns found in nature. The various mediums used are broadly appealing, as Russell's works are prominently displayed internationally, including Dubai, Beirut, Costa Rica, Canada and in homes and businesses across the USA.

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About Neil Russell

Neil Russell possesses those rare qualities we find in a few individuals.